Here is what hairstylists are saying about Hairstylist Club Box!

Testimonials, reviews and overall thoughts on their monthly boxes they have received. *These are all paying subscribers not paid advertisers or influencers. 

"This box was wonderful. I loved everything in it. The tshirt was awesome as well as the rest of the products."

-Kellie B.

" I loved every single item that came in my October box! It was all lit! 🔥" 

-Megan F.

" I loved this box!!! I have used every thing already. The shirt is adorable, I love the smock and hair clips, I put my key chain on my key ring. I look forward to receiving my box every month!"

-Gretchen D.

" I LOVED the shirt I got in my box!! I love getting clothes! The BEST bix ive gotten yet!!"

-Rikki K.

"I have been finally apart of the box club for almost a year now! An I can say that I freaking love this box as a surprise every month !! An I have used all of it!! I get stuff to use at the salon... to wear at the salon... An to use for myself as well!! I completely recommend this hair stylist box to ALL HAIR STYLIST!!! You won’t regret it!!"

-Joyfull L.

"This box is amazing! I love it. As a manager I use it for prizes for the girls I work with and in the salon! I can only home I get the scratch off next month! I really could use it! The girls love the box and I'm trying to get my other managers doing it also. Well worth it!"

-Casey R.

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